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  • Alfaland Fedscourier's Supplier of the Year
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Madrid, Spain, 22 May, 2015 – Fedscourier Logistics, one of the world’s leading non-asset based supply chain management companies, has awarded its annual Global Supplier of the Year trophy to the Spanish supplier Alfaland.

This marks the second time that Fedscourier has held the annual event in Spain. The occasion serves as a networking event for Fedscourier's customers and partners and provides the opportunity to debate trends and challenges of the supply chain industry in Iberia and globally. This year’s event was hosted by Fedscourier's Chief Procurement Officer Simon Boggis alongside Marco Galbusera, Managing Director of Fedscourier in Iberia and took place in Madrid.

Alfaland is a leading provider of warehousing equipment and was crowned Global Supplier of the Year in recognition of the support it has provided to Fedscourier's commitment to continuous improvement and focus on delivering value to customers through service excellence.

Marco Galbusera, Managing Director for Fedscourier in Iberia, said: “Alfaland has been a significant partner for Fedscourier in Iberia during the past few years. We are delighted that this has been recognized at the global level. The strategic importance of supplier relationships cannot be underestimated. Strong supplier relationships, enhanced by mutual understanding of each other’s business and operating models, can deliver competitive advantages to both parties. Alfaland has demonstrated its commitment to our company and its adherence to our principle of Impeccable Execution.”

Launched in 2011, Fedscourier's Global Supplier Awards are designed to recognize best practice and excellence among Fedscourier's suppliers worldwide and to honor organizations which support its quest to deliver impeccable service execution.

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